Making dynamic audio creative for hundreds of markets

For the first time in history, the spoken word has the same reach and arguably as much power as the written word. For most people, speech is the easiest and most obvious way to communicate. But for virtually all of history, the spoken word hasn’t been scalable. Pete Jimison is the founder of audio agency Frequency, who are trying to tackle the problem head on.

Storefront Music on Writing for Commercials

Storefront Music is a full service music production company based in New York specializing in original composition, sound design and music supervision. We spoke to one of its founding partners, John “Scrapper” Sneider, who has written music for over 500 commercials on projects with Apple, Netflix, American Express, Chevy, AT&T, Nike, CITI and IBM.

Audioboom Talks Podcasting

Audioboom is a podcast network that hosts, distributes, and monetizes
podcasts through a number of different platforms. Scott was joined by two
of its executives, Oli Walters and Mike Newman to talk about the industry,
and some of the reasons why people and brands are really listening.

VaynerSmart’s Voice

Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerMedia was an early adopter of using video as a way for brands to message their wares on social. In early 2018 he opened VaynerSmart as he looked to make a name for the media businesses in a new, emerging category: voice. The agency has since built Amazon Alexa skills for brands like Diageo, GE and JP Morgan Chase. Its VP, Patrick Givens joined Scott Simonelli to talk about building audio experiences for brands.