Functional Sounds

The more time spent thinking about functional sounds, the more you realise just how important they are to the products and objects you use every single day. We were joined by Dexter Garcia from Audio Branding agency Audio UX to put his knowledge to the test and learn just how important earcons or functional sounds really are to brands everywhere.

Megaphone: Host-read or Announcer-read? Let the Data Decide.

Scott Simonelli was joined by Megaphone’s Ken Lagana to unpack best practices around host-read versus announcer read podcast advertising. The commonly-accepted narrative is well-known at this point: host-reads, by nature, should be more effective. But what does the data say? Listen below, or read the article here.

Audioboom Talks Podcasting

Audioboom is a podcast network that hosts, distributes, and monetizes
podcasts through a number of different platforms. Scott was joined by two
of its executives, Oli Walters and Mike Newman to talk about the industry,
and some of the reasons why people and brands are really listening.

VaynerSmart’s Voice

Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerMedia was an early adopter of using video as a way for brands to message their wares on social. In early 2018 he opened VaynerSmart as he looked to make a name for the media businesses in a new, emerging category: voice. The agency has since built Amazon Alexa skills for brands like Diageo, GE and JP Morgan Chase. Its VP, Patrick Givens joined Scott Simonelli to talk about building audio experiences for brands.

Live from Advertising Week: Sounds Like HBO

On this episode of The Sonic Truth podcast, we invited David Horowitz, ECD at creative agency Mekanism, to dive deep on the mechanics of audio for a client whose audio signature not only will many of you have heard, but will also anticipate an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm after hearing. David spoke with Scott Klass, VP Marketing at Veritonic about his award-winning work. 

Live from Advertising Week: Creativity and Sound With Jeff Benjamin

Scott was joined by one of the world’s foremost creatives – Jeff Benjamin, ECD at New York based agency Barton F. Graf and former Chief Creative Officer at JWT North America. We covered everything from how he uses sound in advertising spots, to functional sounds, and got a peek into his bag of sonic surprises. You’ll hear.

Audio Marketing, I Don’t Love You Just The Way You Are

Listen to an audio ad — on the radio, a digital audio platform — wherever. The voiceover you hear is, almost 75% of the time, spoken by a man. Whether that reality is based on some long-held misconception that the male voice carries more gravitas or is more convincing — or it’s simply “just the way things have always been done”– that’s the reality. Scott Simonelli is joined by Suzy Schulz, SVP, Cumulus Media/ Westwood One & Stella Voutsina, CTO, MDC Media Partners to discuss.

Voices Carry: Who’s Prepared for the Next Wave of Marketing?

If you had to choose one statistic to represent how fundamental the human voice is going to be in marketing, what would it be? That by 2020, more than 50% of search will be voice-driven? Or that 65% of podcast listeners are inclined to buy a product advertised on the show? Bottom line–the things we hear and say, and the way we hear and say them, matter more than ever. Join Pandora’s VP/Executive Creative Director Lauren Nagel as she dissects the subject.